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music for your destination wedding in Austria, South Tyrol and Bavaria. 

Within 24 hours we will let you know if we are 
available on your wedding day.

Hi! We're checking if we are still available on your wedding day. You'll hear back from us withing 24 hours.

Music for your ceremony, champagne reception, dinner and party.
- we offer everything from one source -






Your favourite songs, 
played in our soulful interpretation


Live-music with an elegant and soulful vibe for your reception.


 Live-music I piano and vocals 
Sound system


 Livemusic I duo or trio 

Sound system 

Dinner & Party



Ballroom-dancing and party music, that's our motto for your party.



Sound and lighting system 

Zartgold  Duo

Zartgold Duo  - vocals and piano - lightness and ease, soulful and heartfelt. 
We want to convey authentic emotions, that's why our music is never artificial or flamboyant.

Weddings - Receptions - Dinner - Christening



Katja Scherle Photographs_Benedikta-Mark







Picture by Katja Scherle



I say a little prayer
A love that will last

Zartgold  TRIo

Modern sounds, our own arrangements of charts and a feel-good atmosphere.
Adapted volume for background music.
Vocals, piano and bass or drums 

Perfect for: champagne reception, dinner or as a special livemusic highlight before the DJ


Be the One - Zartgold Trio
Lost in Japan - Zartgold Trio
Girl put your records on - Zartgold Trio
Frisch verheiratet

Yvi & Matt

"Regina's voice gave us goosebumps.
She made our special day even more special. We highly recommend them."

Our promise

Soulful, modern livemusic 
Personal and professional 
Unique interpretation of your favorite songs


Manuela & Stephans Traumtag (339 von 686

Booking process


Within 24 hours after submitting your enquiry we will let you know, if we are available on your wedding day. 
We'll exchange general information about your event and your requirements. We'll send you a tailored offer, based on the basic information and your demands. To fix your booking we will make a binding contract. 


In the months leading up to your wedding we will determine the songs for the ceremony and all the specific details. We would love to meet you in person in Vienna or Wiener Neustadt.
If that is not possible we offer to get to know your vision for your wedding day via Skype, video-call, etc.
We have a comprehensive repertoire, out of which you can choose songs for the ceremony.
We are also happy to look into your songs request  (for the ceremony) and will let you know, if the songs are suitable for our instrumentation.
We do not charge extra for that. 
The planning should be completed a month before your wedding. 


We will be at the location at least an hour before the ceremony starts. If you booked the band it might be 2 hours or more, depending on your schedule. We need this time for setting up our equipment and a soundcheck.  
We provide the equipment and just need a power supply near the stage.  



When is the best time to book?

Many of the popular wedding dates (Saturdays from May to September) are booked a year in advance. We are more flexible off-season (October to April), on weekdays and Sundays.

Which languages do you sing in?

I'm fluent in German and English. Most songs in our repertoire are English, as we focus on modern pop, jazz and soul. We do have a couple of German songs in our repertoire, most of them are from the "Deutschpop" and "Austropop" genre.
I'm also experienced in singing in Italien, Portugese and French. However I am not fluent in these languages.

How far do you travel for gigs?

We are available all over Austria, South Tyrol (Northern Italy) and Bavaria. Please consider, that we might need to stay at a hotel if the distance is more than 4 hours from Vienna. That might also hold true, if you book us for the dinner / party as those gigs tend to end late in the night.

Do you play traditional Austrian music?

No, we are not a folk music group and do not have folk music in our repertoire. We also don't do "Schlager".

Music is our passion and we think that music and festive events are inseperable.
We started Zartgold in 2018 and we see it as our calling to tell stories with our music at weddings and events. We love what we do. For us, there is no better feeling than provoking emotions and inspiring our listeners.



is the voice of Zartgold
loves Soul, R'n'B and Indie
plays the piano and the flute

 is a vocal student at the Ipop of the MDW in Vienna
is the person who'll answer your mails 

loves Chai - Latte
is interested in design, travelling and languages




is responsible for sound and groove on the piano
loves to play Jazz, Soul and Pop

is a piano teacher at "Tonwerk"
is responsible for the arrangements

likes tea, wine and whiskey
is interested in nature, motorcycling and movies


To deliver the perfect music for your event, we would love to get to know you a little bit better.
Write us and tell us about your plans and ideas. 

We are looking forward to your mail!

Regina & Daniel 


(c) Zartgold 2020 

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